Yumi Merricks

Are You Ready To Join A Global Team Impacting The Health Movement And SERIOUSLY Changing People’s Lives…?

Hello. I’m Yumi Merricks

I am dedicating my life to helping others to create a healthy and enriched life using a powerful proven holistic system that has already changed the lives of thousands of people. 

My mission is to inspire and teach others how to heal and develop the right mindset using natural energy healing methods and to love having a business of their own and having so much fun while creating a life they have always dreamed of.

My Work

smartzen book

The secret to activating your innate healing power and supercharging your wellness

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

- Gautama Buddha

“Everyone of us was born with an ability to re-generate and heal our body. As we get older, that ability starts to slow down, but by combining the ancient energy healing method and the 21st Century science, we can re-awaken that innate power.”

– Yumi Merricks


My Commitment

I will bring light to the path you want to walk on, guide you through the forest when you feel lost, support you as you confront your fears and I will remind you of the greatest power you were born with.

–Yumi Merricks