Integrated Self-Healing

Optimise your well-being and transform your life by activating the natural inner healing energy you were born with.


This is where the Eastern ancient healing method meets 21st Century science. 

Everyone of us was born with innate ability to heal ourselves, but as we get older that ability starts to decline. But there is a 100% natural way to reactivate your natural healing power with the help of science, but without pills, injections or medical intervention.

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Discover how to optimise your well-being using your own energy even if you think you don't have any special powers.

Feel more energised, less stressed, sleep better, and balanced in body, mind and soul; all on a cellular level.

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Let's spread the word together and help heal as many people as possible
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Yumi Merricks

Yumi Merricks

Reiki Master & Teacher, Life Coach