Introduction to Reiki and other energy healing including phototherapy and sound therapy

AWAKEN Your Innate Healing Power AND SuperCharge Your Wellness NATURALLY

3 Steps to Regenerate your body, Rebalance your energy, Restore your vitality and Reverse ageing even if you think it is too late to change.

Holistic Health

Most of us want to live longer but as long as we stay healthy and continue to be able to do the things we love without the use of pills, injections and medical interventions. Natural health therapies has been around for thousands of years but from the perspective of conventional medicine, it has been considered to be somewhat pseudoscience. But in the last 20 years, we have been learning more and more, not just about the connection between our body and the mind and that our body works best when it is viewed, remedied and treated as a whole, we are also understanding more about how our own energy frequency we are born with affects our health and longevity and how it can be activated safely and naturally proven by science. In more recent years, we understand that cellular health is the major key but safe, natural and affordable treatment was not available until now. I am delighted to be able to share this amazing smart technology that transforms the complementary therapy field to a new level.


You will learn how to

Use three 100% simple, natural and non-invasive ways to dramatically improve your health and well-being.

No chemical, no injections, non-transdermal way to transform your body and mind, from a stressed and tired state to renewed health.


Integrate energy healing method such as Reiki and the latest scientific breakthrough in technology to reverse ageing

Using natural energy we were all born with a help of new 21st Century breakthrough science.

Learn how natural energy can make biochemical changes in your body proven by clinical studies

Learn how natural therapy can actually make changes to your body by stimulating your electromagnetic field naturally.

Help prevent rather than cure diseases by restoring and maintaining the youthful state of your body

by using the forefront of alternative and complementary therapy other than food supplements, expensive cosmetics or chemicals.

Understand how body's renewal process works so that you are more aware of what is happening to your body and how to maintain it.

Learn how to activate your own natural power within you organically, without magic potions, spells or spiritual guide.

Learn what self healing is about and to activate your innate power to start your healing journey in mind, body and soul

Healing is not just about the health of your body. We view the body, mind and soul as a whole and learn to look after them, as well as to fulfil our potential during our just one chance at living.

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for everyone but in particular useful if;

you want natural and non-invasive way to stay young and healthy by supporting the process on cellular level, not just skin deep.

you want more vitality and energy without relying on cocktails of energy drinks, caffeine and energy enhancing supplements.

have existing conditions, such as pains and discomfort that you want a relief from and want to explore an effective natural method.

want to learn to be in tune with your body and mind to gain inner peace and balance by learning how different energy frequencies affect your body every day.

are a natural therapy practitioner looking for more ways to help clients that complement the work you already do and to grow your business.

you have friends and loved ones who are suffering with conditions and you want to help them by finding an alternative method.

About Your Presenter

Yumi Merricks

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and a certified Life Coach. I offer Reiki sessions as well as teach others how to heal themselves and maintain their health and well being by integrating the Eastern healing method and the latest breakthrough in wellness technology. Usui Reiki Healing was first discovered in the late 1800’s in Japan, but many other forms of energy healing have existed and have been taught and spread around the world for thousand of years. I am pleased to be able to share the latest and most advanced form of integrated natural energy therapy that is already changing many people’s lives all over the globe.

I welcome others who want to join me in spreading this method and would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together.


Yumi Merricks


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