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The 5-Step SmartZen Approach to Business That Guarantees Your Work-Life Balance

Self-Coaching Program on How to Ensure You Build a Business to Fit the Lifestyle You Want and Achieve Real Success – and Take Your First Steps Towards It.

I would like to make life coaching accessible and affordable to as many people as possible especially at the start up stage. That’s why I have created this 5 Step Self-Coaching Program. I would like to help you grow your business with a balanced view. You will get tons of value from going through this program as if you have  your own life coach.

Every year many people are following the trend to start their own business. Over 650,000 new businesses are launched in the UK alone. 76% of businesses do not employ anyone aside from the employer which are referred to as micro businesses or micro entrepreneurship.

While 50% of start-ups fail within the first 5 years, some sole entrepreneurs manage to stand out and lead a life with freedom, success and happiness. This is without having major investors backing them or expanding their business in a traditional way.

How do they do it?

Money is a tool for bringing flexibility, freedom, choices as well as fun. Having more money might be the main reason you want to own a business. You may also simply want more free time to enjoy life instead of feeling like being on a treadmill.

This 5-Step Program gives you valued insights into the real reasons why some business owners achieve a life of happiness and success without working crazy hours or employing an army of staff.

Sign up to the 5-Step Self-Coaching Course to discover what successful and happy people have in common. You can identify them and incorporate into your business and life plan immediately to ensure your future success.

The 5 Step Self-Coaching Program will take you on your discovery journey. At the end of the program, you will have clarity and confidence to take yourself and your business to the next level; closer to your ultimate dream.

To get the best value from this program, you must complete the action on each step before moving forward.

Get access now and I look forward to meeting you on the other side!




You will learn;


  • 5 definitive steps needed to start a business that fits the lifestyle you desire.

  • Ways to plan an income stream before leaving your 9-5 job.

  • How to build the right mindset for creating a business that earns money while you sleep.

  • How some people can earn five figures each month and the key mistakes you must avoid.

  • How to create the right environment and develop the mindset needed for productivity and success.

You will coach yourself to;


  • Determine a business that fits the lifestyle you desire.

  • Decide the best way to build your business.

  • Adopt the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and apply to yourself.

  • Create the best set up you need to guarantee your work-life balance.

  • Take actions on practical steps needed to reach your goals.

How It Works


  • You will have online access to each step.

  • You will be given tasks you need to complete on each step before moving on to the next step.

  • Each step is designed with real life-coaches’ tools for you to administer self-life-coaching session.

  • Please choose a quiet place and time you have no other destruction in order to get the best value out of the program!
  • You will have an opportunity to submit the result for evaluation.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back